Hridaya-Yoga is the main teaching and practice at the Lotus Heart Centre.

What is Hridaya-Yoga?
Hridaya Yoga or the Yoga of the Spiritual Heart – Definition
The Yoga of the Spiritual Heart is a spiritual path whose purpose is the revelation of our True Self, the atman, or, as it is known in contemplative traditions, the Spiritual Heart.

The Yoga of the Spiritual Heart is based upon traditional spiritual principles and visions from classic yoga based on Patanjali’s Sutras, Advaita Vedanta, Tantra and Shaivism. They are correlated with teachings from Sufism, Christianity, Buddhism and Taoism.

The main methods used in the Yoga of the Spiritual Heart are: hatha yoga, the meditations for the revelation of the Spiritual Heart and techniques for quieting the mind and for developing the capacity for concentration.

The student of Hridaya Yoga should consciously use all momentum, energies, and practical efforts in order to create the inner conditions necessary for the revelation of the Spiritual Heart.

The Spiritual Heart is both the transcendent and the immanent Reality of any and all aspects of the macrocosm. The Spiritual Heart is the ultimate essence of everything there is.

The Yoga of the Spiritual Heart allows us to live in the very “core” of the existence, to feel the heartbeat of every moment of life, to know intuitively the eternal dimension of every moment.

The Yoga of the Spiritual Heart involves the presence of the Witness Consciousness and of the Open Attention. The Open Attention is radiating from the heart and its radiance is Love.

The student engaged on the path of Hridaya Yoga aspires to live into the Heart, in the Supreme Reality, in God, while God is experienced directly, beyond any conceptual and religious definitions. Thus, the Student of Hridaya Yoga will achieve the identity with the wholeness of life.

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